GLX3 says 100mg of Green Lipped Mussel Oil, many other brands say “Equivalent to XXXmg of Fresh Mussel” whats the difference?

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Some brands do market their product with this rather misleading number. We choose to give you the actual amount of GLM OIL (100mg in our normal 2-pill dosage). That is the only way to get a number that is at all valid for comparison

Even that number is often misused to compare 100mg of GLM Oil to equivalent MG of fish oil. Fish oil is vastly inefficient in its transfer of Omega-3’s into usable form within the body. So their 1,000mg tablet of fish oil (or krill), will deliver much less actual USABLE Omega-3’s to your body.

What they are trying to tell you is.. “It would take xxxxMG of mussels to get this amount of usable oil, or freeze dried flakes” Kind of like saying on a menu. “12 full size oranges in a glass” and then handing you a 8oz glass of orange juice. Wouldn’t you rather know that you could expect 8oz of the juice you ordered?

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