Why does GLX3 contain 100mg of Mussel Oil and other brands 600mg?

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The short answer to why GLX3 contains 100mg of mussel oil can actually be found in the question — we use only New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel OIL, while many other omega-3 supplements use a freeze-dried powder or another fish oil of lesser quality. Essentially, a milligrams-to-milligram comparison of GLX3 to these types of supplements is not an accurate portrayal of the impact of our supplement. We don’t need 600mg per dose to offer you incredible benefit.

It has to be kept in mind that the oil we use comes in a much more concentrated form. For example, you take 12-15 times as much powder and much more fish oil to get the same benefit to the biologically available Omega- 3’s present in Green Lipped Mussel Oil.

If a comparison is made with another Green Lipped Mussel product, watch out for confusing phrases like “way more mussel oil that our competitors” and especially be wary of any that say things like “in a proprietary formula” when discussing the quantity of Green Lipped Mussel oil or powder in their product.

GLX3 combines New Zealand Olive Oil, Green Lipped Mussel Oil and Vitamin E Oil to deliver its healing compounds. GLX3 includes 100 gms of GLM oil because we follow the suggested rule of 15 milligrams per 1lb of body weight, and we build our supplement to suit our consumer.

GLX3 uses natural and pure ingredients, so you can feel safe taking a dosage that is at the higher end of the recommended quantity without keeping yourself at great risk of experiencing harmful side-effects. Other brands use GLM supplements containing artificial and synthetic ingredients as fillers in their items, and these can have a negative impact on your health. For that reason, it is very important that you are aware if a supplement you are taking is synthetic or not so that you do not consume too much of it with additives that are harmful to your health.

Because of its purity, bioavailability, and extremely high quality, GLX3’s 10 milligram capsules offer you the same benefits as 158 giant fish oil capsules – with no unappetizing burps or fishy taste left in your mouth afterward. Also, the 100 milligrams of mussel oil found in GLX3 doses is complemented by all-natural Vitamin E and New Zealand Olive Oil, and nothing more — we don’t use any fillers in our product.

The end result for you is more value for the money, all delivered in less dosage — which ultimately means fewer pills to swallow. It’s a win-win position against rheumatoid arthritis and other common sources of joint pain.

GLX3 is a natural supplement offering nutrients for your body to absorb, not a synthetic pill filled with fillers and additives. Many individuals start by taking a larger dose of three or four capsules and then maintain a dosage of two capsules once they’ve begun to notice the benefits. This is the recommended method and this dosage is the most-studied and recommended amount of GLX3.

Now you won’t be fooled the next time you see a confusing label offering 600mg of mussel oil or extract!

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At GLX3, our Green Lipped Mussels are never frozen or heated, keeping all enzymes and nutrients alive.

GLX3 is the closest thing to a raw whole food! The lipids are extracted at room temperature with minimal pressure in order to naturally preserve all the powerful natural polar long chain fatty acids in their most natural state. (This is like extra virgin oil).