6 Things Your Body Needs to Stay Active After 60

It is true that aging increases the risks for certain health problems, like arthritis, diabetes, incontinence, heart diseases, osteoporosis and others However, there are several ways you can reduce these risks like; These six tips will keep us active and, in turn, can help us to age more closely to a fine wine — at least in spirit.

1. A healthy diet
Good food and a healthy diet are as important as any other single factor when it comes to staying active. We know this sounds like we’re harping, but it’s tough to get up on your feet when feeling sluggish and weighed down.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean you can’t enjoy the things you love to eat. You can still have a small dessert after dinner or enjoy your favorite snack in the afternoon. The key is to limit it to one serving. Part of a healthy diet is knowing when to stop, and not eating too much. This is one reason why we encourage people to treat buffet restaurants as a treat, not as a regular occurrence.

Above all, do everything in your power to avoid processed foods or foods that are high in unhealthy fats. Try to eat a balanced diet built around variety, a process that is actually not as hard to implement as it sounds. Here are your base points:

o   Green veggies and fresh fruits (four to five servings per day)

o   low-fat dairy products (two or three servings per day)

o   Whole grains which are rich in fiber (three servings per day)

o   Lean meats and proteins, like skinless chicken, legumes, seeds, nuts and fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids (herring, trout, and salmon). Women over the age of 60 should strive for at least 46 grams of protein per day, and men around 56 grams.

2. Regular stretching and exercise
Exercise for at least thirty minutes every day. Seriously. Getting your blood moving for a short period of time helps keep your body used to activity so that you won’t tire as easily when you have a long day of travel, work, or with the grandkids. This exercise can include stuff you already do such as walking around a park or over to visit a friend or relative.

Choose an exercise or activity that you enjoy doing and that is the best for your body, whether you have always been active or are just starting. Bowling, walking, dancing, swimming, water aerobics, resistance training, and light weight training are some good options, to begin with, though we advise you to consult your family doctor before starting any exercise program.

3. A sense of security and belonging
This sounds dubious, and if you’ve been on the road your whole life, it just might be. But being active and healthy after age 60 starts with being mentally prepared. Being comfortable with basic necessities such as living arrangements, savings, and social network keep you from unneeded stress and helps you to feel comfortable and stay motivated.

When you are socially engaged, you are less likely to fall victim to mental illnesses such as depression, and the bonus is that getting out and doing things is the key to staying active at any age.

4. Plenty of good sleep
The prevalence of sleep disorders tends to increase with age. After age 60, Insomnia, restless legs syndrome, and sleep apnea (snoring and sleep-disordered breathing) all become more common, and each of these conditions makes it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep. It’s funny how the symptoms of a bad night’s sleep get worse as they become more common. By maintaining a consistent sleep schedule —  one where you generally go to bed and wake up around the same time each day — you can minimize these symptoms. Plus. getting a good night’s sleep just feels great! You’ve earned it — there’s absolutely no reason to feel bad about turning in for the night.
5. A supplement for your efforts
Green Lipped Mussel Oil, like that found in GLX3, is very helpful for age-related joint conditions. Rich in Omega-3 nutrients that help to restore healthy joint structure, lubrication, and function, GLX3 is the easiest to take charge of joint pain and inflammation. This one-a-day supplement is known to naturally maintain and support mobility of joint health. It also helps in maintaining healthy cartilage in people as they age, according to studies.

Taking a daily supplement is one of the simplest things you can do to give your boost your efforts at staying healthy and active. With GLX3, you’re getting a sustainably sourced, all-natural supplement that can help lower the pain from a lifetime’s wear on your joints.

6. Regular healthcare checkups
Go for regular check-ups, diagnostic tests, health screenings and immunizations as suggested by your doctor. We know it’s not always fun and can be inconvenient, but these tests do not necessarily mean that there is some health issue, but getting them done time to time ensures that if something is not right, you are prepared and your doctor has ample time to initiate a treatment plan if needed. Schedule your birthday as a gentle reminder to make a visit to your general practitioner and dentist and see if there are some important tests, scans, or treatments that might help you stay active. By investing 1 or 2 two hours now, you will be able to add more activity later — and if your doctor is like ours, she’s always recommending new recipes to try in the home kitchen.

There is much to savor about being in your sixties too – especially if you have chosen to set your sights on good health in the years ahead and adopted some healthy lifestyle choices as discussed above.

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