3 Things That Will Enable You to Move Freely and Happy Again

Good health is the key to being happy at any age, and that starts with the ability to be as mobile as you need to in your daily life. Follow these three steps to minimize joint pain and increased mobility into your daily life.

1. Take care of your bones and joints

The most important factor in increasing mobility as you age are your joints and bones. Many people over age 60 experience pain in the knees, wrists, and other areas that see a lot of repetitive use during daily activities.

The key to moving freely is to minimize the pain that comes with inflammation of these joints.

This is our specialty here at GLX3. We’ve spent years developing a supplement that can be used as a daily dose of power against aging joints, and our proud to present our product to you. GLX3 combines three all-natural ingredients which specifically help to reduce joint pain and inflammation:


  • New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Oil. Our primary active ingredient is New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Oil. Mussel Oil is an anti-inflammatory agent that helps your joints and bones age in a healthier manner by fighting inflammation and, in turn, cutting back on the pain that comes with conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis.
  • New  Zealand Olive Oil. Our stabilizer is New Zealand Olive Oil, rich in healthy Omega-3s and great for loosening up those tight joints.
  • All-natural Vitamin E oil. Vitamin E oil is our third ingredient, a free radical-fighting powerhouse that helps the entire body function as it should. (Plus, vitamin E oil and New Zealand Olive Oil can do wonders for your skin.)
When used together, you have the power to fight joint pain and inflammation with just one daily supplement, instead of having to line your shelves with many. When combined with eating right – always remember that healthy food also plays a key role in maintaining health – and drinking plenty of water, you can rest assured that what you’re putting into your body is good for your mobility.
2. Stretch regularly
As we age, our joints, muscles, and bones tend to strain more easily, particularly if we aren’t careful about taking care of them. Implementing a regular stretching regiment into your morning routine warms up those muscles and joints, and keeps them loose throughout the day. A supplement like GLX3 provides you with a tool to fight against joint pain and inflammation, and once you’ve had the supplement in your routine for at least one month, stretching can help you take your improved movement to the next level.

Here are three quick stretches you can do to help you move freely and happy again (we recommend checking with your doctor before implementing anything new to your routine):

Ankle and Foot stretch
This stretch can be done while seated. To begin, rotate the right foot in a counter-clockwise circle a few times. Then switch and do a clockwise rotation. Repeat with the left foot, and cycle through this simple stretch as many times as needed. This loosens the ankle joints and warms up your feet for walking.

Hinge and Reach
With feet hip-width apart, lightly bend your knees for flexibility while keeping arms resting at your side. With palms facing each other, lift your arms to your shoulders while keeping the knees slightly bent. Thrust the hips forward lightly and stretch to comfort. Then release. If you can, cycle through up to 10 times each morning.

Knee-To-Chest Stretch
This stretch is slightly more advanced than the first to, so don’t rush into it if you’re feeling tight. Begin by lying on your back with both knees bent and feet on the floor. Slowly pull the right knee to your chest with your hands — careful not to go any further than is comfortable and pain-free — and hold it there for up to 30 seconds. Repeat this stretch with the left knee. Cycle through 3 times each morning.

3. Keep your heart young
Your heart is very complex and continues to necessitate more attention as you get older. It is important to continually talk with your doctor about any risk factors and ensure to follow up on all the medical tests, scans or screenings recommended. Regular screenings ensure identification of any health issues at an early stage and this makes treatment easy and save lives.
There are things you can do on your own as well. Keep track of activities that impact your heart function, such as diet and exercise. Keeping your heart “young and healthy” involves two key things: keeping your blood pressure in control and keeping your arteries clean. A bit of humor can go a long way in helping us get back on our feet as well. Laughing elevates mood and your brain will receive positive signals. These positive signals reduce stress and improved mood. Laughter safeguards your heart by enhancing the performance of your blood vessels and increases blood flow. This can lower your risk of cardio-vascular disorders. It also eases stress, boosts your immune system and increases social bonding. Also, humor brings positivity that is so important for people as they age.

Growing old is a privilege. With GLX3 and the tips we’ve discussed here, you’re on your way to healthier joints and the ability to get back on your feet. We have the wisdom and experience to take positive action to ensure we regain the ability to move about freely and without too much pain – it all starts with that first step.

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These are awesome. I could tell a difference after taking for two days. I started out taking 4, but have cut back to 2 a day. Will be ordering more, SOON !!!

Very nice results, after a month, now I’m able to move my arm freely! I was taking 3 a day, but now im down to two a day to maintain. I was not sure if this would be snake oil or not, however the results speak for themselves!!!
Roy G

I am research crazy and won’t put a THING into my body without knowing the source. I will happily pay the $50+ knowing that there are no by-products and real ingredients. I called them and spoke to them extensively. Sustainability and ocean pollution factor was also a consideration. I do not have arthritis as many others seem to write about, but I take Omega 3 for heart and skin health. So, I can’t comment on if I “feel” a difference as I take it as a preventative. Skin however, I can definitely notice a glow.
Jeanne M

Great results! I was surprised at how these tiny capsules can actually deliver big results. I have noticed a big reduction in joint pain, especially in my knees and pain in my lower back. It takes a little while to see the results as with anything you might take to help reverse a long term problem. I was happy to discover how tiny the capsules are, making them much easier to take than the huge fish oil pills..AND these have no fishy odor nor do they give me fish burps. 4 of them fit on a penny! And you only need 2 a day to get more Omega3 benefits than in those big pills. All in all a big win. 5 stars.
Bob Miller