GLX3 – Green Lipped Mussel Oil – Extra Strength Omega 3

Number of capsules
60 tablets = 30 day supply


GLX3 is an all-natural, highly concentrated Omega-3 supplement that features a rare Omega-3 called ETA which is shown to inhibit pain caused by chronic inflammation.  GLX3 is made of New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels and also contains EPA, DHA and 30 other Fatty Acids.  BPA-Free Glass Bottle.  Small & Easy To Swallow!

100% Made and Imported from New Zealand!


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Inflammation, meet your worst nightmare.  GLX3® is the purest, most potent, and effective Omega-3 supplement available on the planet – made of pure New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Oil. GLX3 is not filled with additives or fillers, making it more effective than fish oils and Omega-3 supplements. GLX3® Mussel Oil is a pure & natural supplement harvested and bottled in New Zealand, made of only 3 all-natural ingredients:

  • Green-lipped Mussel Oil (Omega-3)
  • New Zealand Olive Oil
  • New Zealand Vitamin E
The 3 all natural ingredients are captured in a small, easy to swallow capsule made from natural bovine gelatin. GLX3® Green Lipped Mussel Oil contains only pure, pristine green lipped mussel oil.  NO fillers!


Your Go-To Supplement in the fight against inflammation!  While many fish oils contain only two or three Omega-3s, Green Lipped Mussels contain ALL known Omega-3s including 30 free fatty acids including EPA, OTA, DHA, and ETA.  This whole food form of Green Lipped Mussel Oil makes GLX3 potent and bioactive, even in smaller serving sizes.  The body easily absorbs and utilize the polar phospholipids found in Green Lipped Mussel Oil without having to convert the omega-3 into bio-available forms.*