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GLX3 uses the best, sustainably-raised Green Lipped Mussels to produce a supplement that is redefining the lifestyle of people around the world! The best part? No eco-systems are pillaged and no other species are harmed. Green Lipped Mussels deliver a cleaner source of Omega-3 fatty acids than salmon or krill oil, as the pristine waters they grow in are untainted by high mercury levels and pollution. The fact that Green Lipped Mussels ONLY grow in New Zealand’s pristine environment, and GLX3’s promise to use only New Zealand natural products in our supplement guarantee that no ingredients from polluted environments or of unknown origin are ever introduced. We are the only Green Lipped Mussel manufacturer that actually lists EVERY ingredient on our label. ​ While salmon and krill supplements are often stuffed with fillers and additives, the 30 fatty acids in GLX3 deliver more value than any cheaper imitation. GLX3’s essential, all-natural nutrients include EPA, OTA, DHA, ETA, and many more, collecting the essential benefits of healthy fatty acids and providing them all in one capsule.