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Green Lipped Mussel Extract for Dogs: Arthritis Relief for Humans and Hounds Alike!

If you’ve read our other posts about Green Lipped Mussel extract, then you’re already aware of the many benefits this supplement offers people with arthritis. If you have read our complete guide to green-lipped mussel oil, you may think you know everything about this amazing mussel  But did you know that we can use Green Lipped Mussel extract (GLM) for dogs, too?

That’s right:

Our canine (and feline) friends tend to suffer from similar aches and pains as they age, and most of their chances for relief come with a slew of side-effects.  But fortunately for us and our pets, GLM extract offers a natural option to help ease the discomfort.

In this post, we’ll look at the ways Green Lipped Mussel supplements help not only humans but dogs, too!

The Benefits of Green Lipped Mussel Supplements for Dogs

The most beneficial known components of Green Lipped Mussels are Omega-3 fatty acids, which help to improve respiratory and heart health while reducing inflammation that accompanies osteoarthritis. Combine this supplement with a healthy diet and routine exercise, and you’ve got yourself a powerful defense against the ailments associated with aging!

Recent studies suggest that your dog can experience similar benefits.  One such study determined that a Green Lipped Mussel preparation alleviated chronic orthopedic pain and reduced movement difficulties in dogs taking the mixture for 8 weeks.  These dogs also required less non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which is great news for dogs and dog owners alike:

Evidence suggests daily anti-inflammatory drug use leads to a variety of adverse side effects like vomiting and irritation, and no pet owner wants to put their pooch through additional pain, right?

Plus, when harvested during their prime growing stage, as GLX3 ensures for our supplements, these miracle-working mollusks contain a high concentration of other nutrients like magnesium, zinc, and glucosamine-all of which help maintain overall joint health!  This means that dog owners can use GLM extract before their canine demonstrates signs of joint and muscle pain.

Why Do Green-lipped Mussel Supplements Work for Dogs?

Scientists believe some of the secret to this oils efficacy lies in the presence of eicosatetraenoic acid (ETA), a compound found in green lipped mussels but not in fish oils.  Their studies suggest that ETA is much better at battling inflammation than the compounds found in fish oils, and that additional interactions with other compounds could actually help reduce the additional gastrointestinal discomfort that accompanies NSAID use with dogs.

This synergistic relationship between compounds EPA, DHA, ETA, and the many other nutrients found in GLM helps to reduce current symptoms while potentially preventing further damage to your pup’s joint cartilage and synovial fluid.

So, what’s the final verdict?

Reduced inflammation associated with osteoarthritis, reduced discomfort by decreasing NSAID use, and increased mobility for your fluffy friend make GLM oil a wonderful natural alternative to help your dog feel more like a puppy again. Plus, you can always use it as a preventative measure to help Fido avoid the pain before it begins!

With GLM oil added to your diets, you and your dog can start to live pain free again.

How Do You Give Your Dog Green Lipped Mussel Supplements?

While studies are still being conducted to determine proper dosing, you’ll need to take into consideration the size of your pooch before adding it to their food.

Experts suggest that, per day, smaller pets should receive the amount of Omega 3 contained in 1 gelcap of GLX3, and larger pets (50-60 lbs +) 2 gelcaps.  The small size of GLX3 makes giving this to dogs easier, and for felines, you can also open the gelcap and squeeze over their food.

How long until you see results?

Veterinarians recommend giving GLM supplements 4-6 weeks to start showing positive effects.   

Green Lipped Mussels for Dogs: One Last Thing…

It’s important that you’re aware of the way the mussels used to make the supplement were grown and harvested so that you avoid using a diluted product.  Furthermore, premium Green Lipped Mussel oil products like GLX3 will always list each ingredient used in the creation of their supplement right on the website with an explanation as to why it’s included.

Take note of additional ingredients listed and research them or ask your veterinarian, as they may be filler ingredients that could potentially irritate your pet. GLX3 is a great choice for your dog!

There have been no reported cases of negative side effects for dogs using GLM supplements, but you do want to ensure that your dog does not have a shellfish allergy.  Remember, it’s always best to consult with your veterinarian before making changes to your pet’s diet and supplemental regime.  

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At GLX3, our Green Lipped Mussels are never frozen or heated, keeping all enzymes and nutrients alive.

GLX3 is the closest thing to a raw whole food! The lipids are extracted at room temperature with minimal pressure in order to naturally preserve all the powerful natural polar long chain fatty acids in their most natural state. (This is like extra virgin oil).