Strengthen your bones and joints the natural way

Maintaining strong bones and joints is essential at any age, as they give us the ability to move about freely and, hopefully, without pain or tension. Keeping your bones and joints healthy is actually quite easy to do — and as a bonus, can be done in an all natural way. Follow these five tips to see the benefit of healthier bones and joints, free of excessive pain and inflammation.

Take a Supplement
Here’s what to look for in a supplement to help strengthen bones and joints. First, it should be all-natural, as you don’t want to be putting toxic chemicals or unnatural preservatives into your body when trying to stay healthy. Second, the supplement should be made of no more than a few ingredients, which ensures you know exactly what you are ingesting and that the active ingredients aren’t masked by fillers. Third, any supplement you take for bone and joint health shouldn’t cause negative side effects to other parts of the body — after all, what’s the point of building up one aspect of your health just to tear down another?

GLX3, built from New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Oil, New Zealand Olive Oil, and Vitamin E oil, is a great example of a supplement that meets all three of these criteria. This daily supplement reduces joint pain and inflammation and helps to keep your bones and joints healthier at any age.

Get your calcium and Vitamin D
As a mineral, calcium is part of the basic structure that keeps bones strong and healthy. You actually have more calcium in your body right now than you have of any other mineral — so its importance in your overall health shouldn’t come as a surprise.
It is recommended that you take in at least 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day according to, and even more than that depending on factors such as age or pregnancy. Fortunately, calcium is in many all-natural foods you may already be eating, including:

  • Yogurt
  • Cheeses
  • Seeds and nuts — especially almonds
  • Lentils and beans

Vitamin D is equally important, though it can be more challenging — especially if you live in a place where sunlight isn’t guaranteed. Vitamin D is found in some common foods, though not nearly as many as calcium, so be sure to eat those egg yolks and drink that glass of orange juice when the opportunity presents itself. Vitamin D ensures bones and joints remain healthy and strong as a person ages.

Stretch, stretch, stretch

When it comes to physical activity, there is nothing more important than regular stretching for your joints. The perk is that stretching is something that can be done at home — whenever is convenient for you — and costs absolutely nothing. The web is full of ideas for stretches that will benefit your bones and joints (try a quick Google search), and we have some suggestions for you right here on the GLX3 blog:

Often, stretching in the morning is the best way to loosen up your bones and joints for the day ahead and ensure they are ready to go.

Hit the gym

Exercises that impact your entire body are among the most effective ways to keep bones strong because they touch not only the bones that see rapid movement and use every day — such as those around joints and in the feet — but also the bones in the arms and legs that don’t get as much attention. You’ve probably heard tell that a sedentary lifestyle is bad for your overall health, and the impact of stillness has a similar effect on bones. That old “use it or lose it” mentality comes into play here. Keep your entire body active and fit, and your bones will benefit. Weightlifting is great for the bones in your arms and legs, in case you needed one more reason to pursue that gym membership.

Beyond hitting the gym, there are a few common exercises you can do at home (or in the neighborhood) to strengthen your bones and joints. Running is great for bone strength, as the repetitive impact helps them get used to consistent pressure. While running can be tough on joints, swimming and bicycling are great trade-offs that offer similar benefits without the strain on your joints.

Eat a diet rich in fresh veggies

They say that you are what you eat, and when it comes to bones and joints, one word describes what you want to be: healthy. A diet that is largely plant-based helps to ensure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals to keep your bones and joints, and indeed your entire body, healthy and strong. Fresh vegetables give you more natural energy than refined carbs and processed foods, which helps you to feel well enough to be active and exercise. You’re never going to strengthen those bones and joints if you feel sluggish and tired all the time, and a diet consisting of mostly vegetables can keep you ready to go.

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These are awesome. I could tell a difference after taking for two days. I started out taking 4, but have cut back to 2 a day. Will be ordering more, SOON !!!

Very nice results, after a month, now I’m able to move my arm freely! I was taking 3 a day, but now im down to two a day to maintain. I was not sure if this would be snake oil or not, however the results speak for themselves!!!
Roy G

I am research crazy and won’t put a THING into my body without knowing the source. I will happily pay the $50+ knowing that there are no by-products and real ingredients. I called them and spoke to them extensively. Sustainability and ocean pollution factor was also a consideration. I do not have arthritis as many others seem to write about, but I take Omega 3 for heart and skin health. So, I can’t comment on if I “feel” a difference as I take it as a preventative. Skin however, I can definitely notice a glow.
Jeanne M

Great results! I was surprised at how these tiny capsules can actually deliver big results. I have noticed a big reduction in joint pain, especially in my knees and pain in my lower back. It takes a little while to see the results as with anything you might take to help reverse a long term problem. I was happy to discover how tiny the capsules are, making them much easier to take than the huge fish oil pills..AND these have no fishy odor nor do they give me fish burps. 4 of them fit on a penny! And you only need 2 a day to get more Omega3 benefits than in those big pills. All in all a big win. 5 stars.
Bob Miller